More than Two Decades of Excellence as a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Solutions Company

Automated Circuits & Systems (AC&S) offers a full range of PCB design services. We have established standards for acceptance and delivery which result in a rapid PCB layout cycle. AC&S is very flexible, easy to work with, and will readily work within your PCB design requirements and parameters. We have over 20 years of experience in electronic design, PCB layout, PCB prototype assembly and manufacturing. Our qualified electrical and mechanical engineers have the tools to efficiently manage your engineering work overflow.

Design Range 

  • Single sided / Double sided / Multilayer / Thermal Bonded designs
  • Complex/High Speed Multilayer PCB designs with split planes, Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths etc.
  • High density SMT designs (BGA, uBGA, PCI, PCIE, CPCI…..)
  • High-Density Interconnect (HDI)—buried via, micro via, via-in-pad, fine-line.
  • Fine line  and  BGA Designs.
  • FPGA / CPLD / DSP / Microcontroller based Designs.
  • Analog, Digital or Mixed designs.
  • Low level analog designs for metering
  • Ultra low EMI designs for MRI applications
  • High frequency RF / Microwave PCB designs
  • Memory cards (RAM) designs
  • Printed antenna designs
  • Flex / Rigid Flex Designs
  • Metal Core/Clad (Power LED PCB) designs

Quality Aspects

  • Signal Integrity/EMC/EMI – Our thorough understanding of high speed signaling techniques ensures signal integrity requirements are met.
  • Thermal / Reliability Analysis – Analyze all major heat-transfer mechanisms, including convection, conduction, and radiation.
  • Signal timing sensitive layouts – Many designs require timing (length) control of high speed signals. We control absolute and relative lengths of nets, including internal die delays if necessary.
  • Impedance control – Impedance control, either single ended or differential, is required for most high speed signals. With the good design practice and knowledge of impedance control, we keep designs within their requirements.
  • Cross-talk reduction with parallel design
  • Design for manufacturing  is followed with In-house Quality checking
  • PCBs designed to MIL/IPC/UL specifications
  • New Parts created are checked and documented.
  • Modification done during the design process is recorded.
  • Checking of input data, libraries, mechanical dimensions, placement, routing, Gerber data etc.
  • Customer feedback and design modifications are documented.

We assure quality, on-time. Our designers work closely with your engineers & our staff is experienced and dedicated to meet customer’s requirements.We understand that success of any project depends on our exact understanding of the customer’s requirements for their project.

Typical requirements for PCB Layout Design

  • Soft copy of Intelligent Schematic Diagram, if available. If not available, hardcopy/hand drawn Schematic or net list & Bill of Material.
  • Specification/Datasheets for odd & critical components.
  • Board outline & dimensions, if particular/specific.
  • Special placement instructions, if any.
  • Component placement: top side, bottom side or both?
  • Keep out zones, if any.
  • Special routing instructions, if any.
  • Number of Layers desires, if decided.
  • Turnaround time required.

Depending on the PCB’s design, there might be some additional requirements also.

Typical deliverables 

Design Documents:  

  • Schematic diagram
  • Hardcopy/pdf files for Net list & all layers.
  • Bill of Materials
  • Complete Assembly Drawing
  • Net length Report
  • Unused pin report
  • Swap reports of parts/gates, if any.

Manufacturing Documents:

  • Gerber files in different formats i.e. RS-274D, RS-274X, DPF etc for Cu layers, Solder Mask, Silkscreen etc.
  • NC Drill data in different formats i.e. Excellon, Seib & Meyer etc.
  • NC route/milling data in different formats i.e. Excellon, Seib & Meyer etc
  • Drill, panel and cutout drawings
  • Professional Fabrication documents in different formats.
  • Complete Stack-up details, in case of Impedance Controlled PCBs.
  • Photo plotted films

We provide Check Plots, in PDF format, for your review of the part placement and the PCB Design in general. We require customer’s approval before sending the actual Gerber files.

Assembly Documents:

  • Paste/Glue Stencil data in different formats i.e. RS-274D, RS-274X, DPF, DXF, EPS, PS etc
  • Data for different Pick and place machines.
  • Bill of Material.
  • Complete Assembly drawings.
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT) data.