Laser Cut Stencils from AC&S

Stencil is the most significant tool in Surface Mount Technology assembly process, as it is related to application of solder paste to the PCB pads. Though the process appears to be simple, it contributes a major part in the process related defects. Hence, designing and manufacturing of accurate and reliable stencil is an important issue and needs adequate attention. Key criteria in stencil manufacturing include providing for the dimensionally accurate placement of the apertures and insuring a proper aperture geometry.

Laser stencil fabrication process has minimal routing sequences, which reduce manufacturing errors. Such errors as mesh stretching, mesh adhesion to frame, gluing foil to mesh, mounting foil upside down, mesh emulsions and chemical etch tolerances are now taken out of the formula.

Advantages of Laser Cut Stencil over chemical etched stencil.

Environment friendly production process. No chemical treatment.
Rapid Data transmission via E-mail
High process reliability through laser technology.
Economic production process without film costs.
Short Production time.
Smooth internal pad walls.
High Pad positional accuracy.
Stencil to PCB registration (caused by film distortion).
Clean and exact printing image of the solder paste.
Fine-pitch screen.

We provide high quality stainless steel Laser Cut Stencil.

We have taken the electronics market by storm regarding superb quality, pricing and delivery of laser cut stencils. We use unique processes that allow us to give you perfect paste release, fiducials that do not disappear into your process, on time delivery and as always, quality.

Following are some of our main capabilities:

• We can process stainless steel foils from 0.1mm to 0.3mm thick (0.004″ to 0.012″), assuring ample deposits of paste.
• Pad sizes as small as 0.1mm X 0.1mm (0.004″ X 0.004″).
• Our Laser Cutting accuracy is at +/- 5 microns.
• Step-up and Step-down Stencil manufacturing capability.
• Cuts can be programmed with slightly rounded corners for easy, accurate release.
• We accept input data format as: Gerber (274D), Gerber (274X), DXF, CWK, HP-GL.
• We can scan PC Board or film and create input Gerber file.
• We utilize the most advanced CAD/CAM software programs for Gerber file editing, penalization & aperture modifications.
• Mechanical as well as chemical electro polishing, to provide you mirror finishing and near zero burr quality-cutting so that the solder paste flow is accurate and also it does not get stuck on the aperture walls.